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GMS Counselling

GMS Counsellor:  Angie Dirksen

Phone: 250-870-5176 Extension 4516, or 250-980-6878 (text)

Office Hours: 9:00-3:30

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I make every effort to return emails, texts or phone calls as quickly as possible. It sometimes takes up to the next business day.

If your request is sent after business hours, it may not be processed until the next business day.

In case of an emergency mental health situation, please contact your doctor, or dial 911.  

Non-emergency resources are available.  Click on the "Mental Wellness" link below.


Wellness for Families

Parent Virtual Workshop Series

Coping With Current Events Toolkit

Book an Appointment with the Foundry

Other Resources:

Mindfulness Tools

Awareness of Thoughts Meditation.pdf Heart-focused breathing.pdf  CalmBreathing.pdf 

Self-Reflection Tools

self esteem and core belief challenge.pdfself-esteem-sentence-completion.pdf

strengths-questions.pdf strengths-exploration.pdf

Challenging Unhelpful Thinking Tools

cognitive-distortions.pdf  challenging-negative-thoughts.pdf